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Repair Your Credit & Regain Your Confidence.

Having a poor or low credit score could cost you thousands of dollars in higher interest rates or result in an outright denial. Serrano Financial can help.

Credit Repair Services Los Angeles

Tailored Credit Repair Services

As a client of Serrano Financial, you will have the strength and expertise of our team focused on improving your credit to reach your financial goals. It all starts by understanding what’s most important to you and your family. Since every family is different, we will tailor our services to your individual needs and budget.

Financial Advising & Credit Repair Near Los Angeles

Client Testimonials

Anna-Marie* came to us with the dream of purchasing her first home. However due to the recession, her credit score had been ruined. She had several collectors illegally harassing her for debt that they could not verify. We were able to get the collectors to stop calling and remove the accounts from her credit report -without her having to pay them a single dime. And, in just a few short months, she was able to qualify for her first home!


Los Angeles, CA

Anthony* had several accounts that had fallen into collection. Yet, although he had paid the collection companies off, these PAID UP accounts were still showing on his credit report! As a result, his score had fallen to the low 500’s. He didn’t know that paying off old collections does NOTHING to raise your credit score. With our help, after taking on the collection agencies, we were able to boost his score by almost 200 points higher! He has since been able to rebuild his credit and finance his first car in his name!

Anthony R.

Pasadena, CA

Randy* previously had top-tier 800+ credit but because he lost his job, he used his credit to get by. His credit score soon fell bellow 430! He started having trouble paying back his creditors and instead of working with him to find a solution, they doubled all of his interest rates. By the time he came to us, his debt had nearly doubled. With our help, we challenged the creditors on how they treated Randy’s situation and we were able to eliminate all of his debt. He is now back in the 700+ range!

Randy G

Burbank, CA

What Items Can Be Removed

We can help you remove the following items from your credit permanently:
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Significantly impact your family and regain confidence in achieving your most important goals.

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